jueves, 10 de noviembre de 2011

A city full of culture!

Dear students,
We have recently learnt how many museums we have in our beautiful city. I am surprised because you know more than I thought. Below you will find a list of some interesting museums that you can visit with your families, friends,or even the school.

Archaeological Museum of Almería. 
We can find a lot of information and objects from  Prehistory to the Roman Empire. Thus, you can see non-permanent exhibitions.

Cinema Museum.
Almería was the set for hundreds of movies for years. This museum shows us several objects, clothes, ornaments, and things related to many important movies.

Museum of Art.
Many famous painters have been included on the walls of this important museum. We can enjoy very important paintings in non-permanent exhibitions.

Juan Lirola's Palace.
This extraordinary place has beautiful exhibitions but they are usually non-permanent. They can be about old games, paintings, photos, science, tales, etc.

"Casa de las Mariposas"
Recently renewed, Cajamar Foundation has been established in this particular and important building of Almeria. It is opened only on special days.

The shelters of Almería.
This is not a museum but is a very important site. We can see how Almeria protected themselves against possible bombing.

The Alcazaba.
It was a very important fortress that muslims built in the year 995. Later, it was conquered by Christians ,who changed some aspects of it.

The Cathedral.
Like a museum, we can enjoy observing all its beautiful aspects, ornaments and architecture.

Also, there are a few Art and Photo Galleries such as Unicaja Foundation in the Paseo de Almería or behind the cathedral. All these museums and places mentioned above  are located in the capital city. I hope you visit some of these places soon!!

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  1. Son muy bonitas las fotos y la explicación es interesante. "I like it"

  2. Son preciosas pero apenas lo entiendo.

  3. es verdad Maria algunas palabras no se entienden pero ¡Las fotos estan chulísimas !

  4. Estuvimos trabajando los museos en quinto y lo vimos en clase pero si queréis lo vemos nosotros también. ¡Un saludo!