jueves, 1 de marzo de 2012

Miró art project.

The kids of 5th grade are doing a project about Joan Miró and his paintings. I will show the pictures when they finish but first, let's know a little more about this famous painter and how we are working in class.

Joan Miro was a Spanish artist who developed a very whimsical style back in the 1930’s. His painting called “People and Dog in Sun” is  fun to imitate by drawing stick figures, stars and circles.

1. Give each student a piece of watercolor paper and pencil. They are to draw one large stick figure in the middle, preferably in some action pose. Miro often repeated shapes in his work so ask the students to add more shapes to their art but ONLY by using lines and dots. At least two of the shapes need to intersect (overlap) to make more shapes to color.

2. After the pencil drawing is done, the students need to trace it heavily with a black crayon.


4 comentarios:

  1. I like his pictures because they are full of colour too and I like the music.

  2. I like a pictures, and they are veri beutiful.

  3. That´s good! This is the art project that pupils in the 5th grade are drawing. I am going to upload all your pictures soon.